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Bottle Manufacturing

Bottle Manufacturing

Bottle Manufacturing

At Carbel Hygiene Products Inc. we manufacture and sell new plastic bottles of 60ml, 100ml, and 235ml to provide various sizes for our medium and big companies’ clients.

We count on the most updated and accurate industrial machine to perform the exact manufacture process and follow all the regulations and sanitation requirements to produce a new plastic bottle with a high-quality fabrication standard to compete in the market.

The Blowing Process Is Divided into Two Stages:

First Stage

In the first stage, the industrial machine is supplemented with pet preforms. Then the pet preforms (PET) are heated to proper temperatures for easy molding.

Second Stage

The preheated pet preform is injected with pressure into the mold cavity, stretching and filtering air pressure with micrometer filters at a pressure between 420 PSIG and - 450 PSIG.

Then, the mold opens into a cold blow mold and is ready for reheating into the following process: blowing the pet preform to achieve the wanted bottle shape and the finished product.

The plastic bottle is ready to be packed and delivered to our clients with the highest production standard and the complete manufacturing process.

You can contact us for other plastic bottle sizes or styles at (514) 632-3875; we manufacture up to 600ml new plastic bottles.

For more information about our delivery services, please get in touch with us at the main number.

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